Two-Factor Authentication

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At Hugo’s Way, we care about your security.

You now have an option to enable Two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Hugo’s Way account. You can quickly protect your account and data from unauthorised access attempts with this simple guide.

2FA is completely free and can be turned off in the future if you do not want to use it anymore.

Part 1: Get your Hugo’s Way account ready to scan a QR code

You will need to choose a 2FA app to set up the access with. For this demonstration, we are using Authy, Google Authenticator or Windows Phone Authenticator.

You can download these apps from the App Store and Google Play.

Log into your Hugo’s Way account. Activate 2FA in your Hugo’s Way account.

  1. Click “Settings”
  2. Click “Enable”

Once you have your authentication app downloaded you can now scan the QR code on screen or enter the code shown to you in the app.

  1. Scan the QR code
  2. Enter the code presented to you on the app screen inside the field in Hugo’s Way account (See part 2 of this guide)
  3. Click “Enable”

Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled and will be available when you next sign in to your account. If you are having an issue scanning the QR code please click the “Unable to scan?” link and enter the code on the screen.  

Part 2:Example of setting up the Google Authenticator App to scan and create a code for enabling Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Open Google Authenticator App
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  1. Click the “+” for adding the new account
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  1. Click Scan a QR Code and Scan the QR
Group 9
  1. Enter the 6 digit code for Authentication in your Hugo’s Account
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