IMPORTANT : Planned Bitfinex Outage

We work closely with the best Crypto Liquidity partners in the market, and they have notified us of a very exciting upgrade coming on the 7th of January 2019.

At approximately 10:00 AM UTC ( 05:00 AM Eastern Time ) for a period of 7 hours (+ or -) trading cryptos will be temporarily suspended. This is due to Bitfinex migrating its servers from AWS to a self-designed infrastructure.

Once this migration is finalised iFinex (Bitfinex’s parent company) will have its own dedicated servers which are best suited for High Volume Trading.

During these 7 hours (+ or -) you will not be able to Open or Close any crypto positions this will include Take Profits and Stop Losses as they will not be respected during this scheduled outage.

Note: As this is a planned outage and not a technical error, we will not be in a position to compensate for any losses during this time.

What does this Bitfinex Migration mean for me and my trades: 

  • No Crypto Trades can be opened or closed during this time
  • No Take Profits or Stop losses will be respected during this time
  • No Limit or Stop orders will be respected during this time
  • No compensation for individuals who have not taken action to avoid losses

It is highly recommended to plan your trading in advance of this outage.

For more information and real-time status please see the following links: