Posted by Hugos Way on 22nd May

Hugo FX Affiliate Program


Are you ready to start earning an additional income through affiliation? Look no further than our brand new and exclusive multi-tier affiliate program.

Say goodbye to traditional, one-dimensional affiliate programs and start earning even more commission when you refer your friends. With our innovative Affiliate Program you'll be able to get paid by referring their friends as well.

Start earning commissions that will last a lifetime!

It’s as simple as it is unique

The concept is simple. Promote the ‘Hugo’s Way’ brand and start earning commission whenever new members sign up and trade, using your unique affiliate link.

Unlike other affiliate programs where you gain commission from referring one friend, with our new and exclusive tiered affiliate program, you can earn from sub-affiliates too!

Upon registering to the program, you will be given an affiliate link to the Hugo FX website. This link is absolutely exclusive to you, use it to promote Hugo FX on Social Media channels, blast it through emails or any other delivery method you would like to discuss.

When your friends sign up and start trading, you will gain commission based on the number of lots traded per referral. Moreover, you can gain a percentage of each of the referrals your friends refer as well.

Steps to follow

Register as a Hugo FX Affiliate in 5 simple steps.

1) Sign up to Hugo FX

2) Navigate to "Refer a friend" on the left-hand menu

3) Click on "Activate IB"

4) Go to your email inbox. The one you used to sign up to Hugo FX

5) Follow the instructions

Still having doubts?

By choosing the Hugo FX Affiliate Program, you'll receive a range of benefits that will help your campaign run smoothly.

Zero fees!

Getting up and running with the Hugo FX Affiliate Program is completely free.

Earning power

Promote your downline and earn a commission from your sub-affiliates work. You can reach up to 5 tiers.

Marketing prowess

Exclusive access to your very own Affiliate Manager to help guide your campaign towards success.

You don't have to work alone

Access to a fully trained and professional Support Team. Available 24/7.

Continued earnings

Commissions last a lifetime as long as your referrals keep trading with Hugo FX.

Endless opportunities

There's no limit to the number of traders you can refer to Hugo FX. More referrals trading, higher commissions.

Referrals diagnostics

Get access to your referral list, the volume of traded lots per referral, a breakdown of commission and much more.

How lucrative is the program?

As a master affiliate, you will start by earning $2 per traded lot any of your referrals place. Thanks to our tiered system, your earning potential will increase massively.

Once you refer one friend and they refer others, you can sit back and allow sub-affiliates to put in the leg work.

The commissions you can earn through sub-affiliates makes Hugo FX Affiliate Program one of the most rewarding within the market.

How does a multi-tier program work?

The master affiliate will refer a trader and start earning a commission of $2 per lot traded.

If one of your referred traders would like to refer another one and that trader would like to refer one more, then as a master affiliate you'll gain a percentage for each tier filled within the tier structure.

The structure reaches up to level 5, allowing your affiliate earnings to increase like nowhere else inside the industry.

Exclusive Affiliate Campaign Manager

As part of our commitment to ensure our clients develop a successful affiliate campaign, Hugo FX grants affiliates with their very own, exclusive, Affiliate Manager.

Capitalise on having your own Affiliate Manager to assist with all of your affiliation needs, maximising your earning power.

Contact your campaign manager to discuss marketing campaign ideas and strategies, as well as receiving feedback on how yours is performing.

Having your own Affiliate Campaign Manager will give you the needed boost to generate a strong following. Once up and running, sit back, relax and watch that commission roll in.

Marketing tools

As well as an affiliate manager, you will also have access to a range of marketing tools to help your campaign shine.

Using the right mix of marketing tools and affiliate consultation will give you the tools needed to truly fulfill your earning potential.

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