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At Hugo’s Way we invite you to contact us any time, we are a fully transparent and open so please reach out with any questions about Hugo. Talk soon!

Before you contact support please read these top FAQ.


  • ID must be a driving license, passport, or other government issued ID. It must be a color photo that is current (not expired), and needs to display your date of birth.
  • Address proof must be either a bank account statement, credit card statement, or utility bill. This document must also be current, dated within the past 90 days. If your documents were denied, it would be because they did not meet these requirements.

After you’ve successfully deposited funds into your landing account, they will need to be internally transferred to your trading or managed account before they will become available in MT4. Instructions for internal transfers are provided below.

If you have already made the transfer and the funds are not showing in the trading account, log out and log back into MT4 to allow the balance to update.

  1. Click “Internal Transfer”
  2. Select “Wallet to MT4” in the “Select transfer type”
  3. Choose the MT4 account to deposit into
  4. Enter the amount to transfer. You need to have this amount available in your Hugo Wallet before you can transfer it.
How to start trading

The “invalid account” / “authorization failed” / “unauthorized” message are always related to either password or incorrect server selection. Please be sure to select (For our branded MT4 use HUGO-Real3) as the server when logging in to a real account. For demo, the selection should be HUGO-Demo3 ( If the server selection is not the issue, please try resetting your MT4 password. This can be done from the my accounts section . See screen shot below.

  1. Click My Accounts
  2. Click View on the account in question
  3. Click Actions tab in that account
  4. Click Submit on the system generated password

If you have previously uploaded a document and need to submit a new document, click on the red X to delete the original. This will clear the way for you to upload a replacement document.

Contact for further assistance.

You’ll need to manually create a trading account under your “My Accounts” tab to receive your MT4 login details via email (See below to create and MT4 account).

Instructions for doing that are provided when you create an account. The email will contain your details.

To create a trading account follow these steps.

Once your KYC documentation is approved and you have successfully deposited into your account you can create a trading account.

Click “My Accounts” and then click “Create Account”

You will be brought to the next to choose “Account Type and “Leverage”

Now click “My Accounts” and your new account is there.



Address Verification

For address verification, we primarily look to receive ONE of the following documents;

  • Bank Statement (If you provide a bank statement or credit card statement please make sure that all personal information such as the credit card details are not visible)
  • Utility Bill (Water, Gas, Electric, etc)
  • Mobile Phone contract
  • Work payslip/Fs3

And it fits within our guidelines of;

  • Must be able to see full document (Account numbers and sensitive information can be covered)
  • Document must be dated within 3 months (90 days) of present day
  • Must state your full name and address on document
  • Must show some form of official logo, stamp or notarisation
  • Cannot be a screenshot from a computer or mobile phone
  • Ensure document is not password protected.

Personal Photo Identification

For Identity verification, we will be able to accept ONE of the following;

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • National Identity Card
  • Voters Card

NOTE: Forms of ID like temporary residence permits or paper ID cards are not accepted as proof of identification. 

And it fits within our guidelines of;

  • Must be able to see full document
  • Client must be aged 18 or over
  • All text must be clear and able to read
  • Document cannot be expired, must still be valid/in date
  • Document must be sent in colour (We cannot accept Black and White Copies)
  • Cannot be a screenshot from a computer or mobile device
  • Must state clients Date of Birth
  • Please ensure document is not password protected

Documents that look tampered with or irregular will be denied.

*Clients aged under 18 years old will have their accounts disabled instantly.

Our current CRM system does not support the changing of personal account details on the client end and is not being modified at this time. This capability will be provided in the near future. For the time being, please note that this will not impact your ability to verify your account, to trade, or to deposit/withdraw your profits.

You can use the live chat or you can contact to have any details changed or removed.

To reset your client portal password, please use the following link: Once there, enter your account email and click on “Reset Password”. An reset password link has been sent to your email. If you have received the “email not registered” message, be sure to clear your cookies & cache and then use the link listed above to make the request or sign up.

To reset your MT4 Password

  1. Click My Accounts
  2. Click View on the account in question
  3. Click Actions tab in that account
  4. Click Submit on the system generated password

Sign up for a demo account. Click here: Please be sure to write down or store the login details provided, as we do not have access to demo account passwords.

Trade problems should be reported by opening a ticket. In that ticket, please include your MT4 and the trade ID of the problem trade. Trade ID’s can be found here:

Once we have this information, our trading desk manager can look into this for you.

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