Protecting Client Funds

Your funds are always segregated and protected

Segregated Fund Accounts@4x

Segregated Fund Accounts

Any and all funds deposited by our clients are held either in the name of the client and/or held in the name of Hugo’s Way for the client in a independent bank account. Furthermore, we keep segregated accounting records in our system. The ensures that our own funds and assets and client funds are tracked separately. At any time, we can quickly and accurately distinguish the funds which are being held for one client from those being held for another, as well as being able to distinguish our own funds. Client funds are kept off balance and are never used to pay creditors in the unlikely event that Hugo’s Way were to close its doors.

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Risk Management

Hugo’s Way regularly pinpoints, analyses, monitors and regulates each type of risk connected with its day-to-day operations. This includes evaluating on an ongoing basis the performance of the policies and procedures which we have in place. This allows Hugo’s Way to be able to cover all of our financial and capital requirements with ease.

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Banking With Tier-One Financial Institutions

Hugo’s Way works closely with its payment service providers to ensure fast and flawless deposits and withdrawals. We currently work with banks worldwide, including top financial institutions such as Barclays, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and more. Hugo’s Way clients can rest assured that fund security, execution, and client support are of the utmost importance to us.

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