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“Social trading” or “social investing” is the most recent explosive evolution of online trading, and more of its potential is being realized everyday. Hugo is cutting through all the techno babel other sites might have and has created a simple and easy way to follow and copy traders

All Leaders are all hand picked by Hugo and after passing an incubation phase and only if they are profitable will they be allowed a slot on our leader board.

System Copiers Current Gain % Minimum Deposit
QZZCL Crypto 2 1225 $300
Trapper Keeper 12 299 $500
Hope Trend 12 53.27 $500
Venture Capital 0 -16.52 $500
NoStress 2 -68.7 $250

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All of our leaders are available for you to copy with a few clicks of the mouse. heres a peak at the Top 5. Click below to see the full leader board

Hugo Leaderboard

Let Hugo show you the way

Hugo’s Way is a social trading platform that connects people with professional traders in a simple and transparent way.

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