Major Service Upgrade: Additional Trading Server

Hugo’s Way is delighted to announce the launch of an additional trading server to the platform. Not only that, but the existing server has been heavily optimised in a bid to drastically improve platform performance and minimise any unscheduled downtime. You can test the performance increase by logging into your Hugo’s Way account and placing a trade.

Why was another server added?
Feedback from a handful of traders showed that several MT4 accounts sometimes disconnect and further reports show instances of trading accounts freezing.

After a full internal investigation, it was found that the existing server would become overloaded at peak market times. It was revealed that having too many people logged in at one time or too many dormant MT4 accounts would impact server performance. The additional server will help spread the load of the existing one which has now been fully updated.

What does this mean for me?
With the additional trading server, users will automatically experience enhanced trading conditions.

Accounts created on Hugo’s Way before the 5th of June 2020 won’t need to connect to a different server. Instead, those accounts will stay on the existing heavily optimised server.

New accounts created after the 5th of June 2020 will be connected to the new server, reducing the load of the existing server. Below you will find a list of the current Hugo’s Way servers.

MT4 Server Addresses:
New trading server for accounts created after the 5th of June 2020
Existing trading server for accounts created before the 5th of June 2020
Existing demo trading server remains unaffected

What can I do if my trading was affected by downtime?
Hugo’s Way is fully committed to helping traders affected by infrastructure failures. If you feel that any positions were negatively affected through no fault of your own, please get in touch and quote your MT4 account number along with the Trade ID of any negatively affected trades. From here, a dedicated trading professional will review your account and look to reimburse you. Each Trade will be independently reviewed and cross-referenced with logged server issues.

What can traders do to help?
There are no set limits on the amount of MT4 accounts traders may have. However, clients are encouraged to only open trading accounts they intend to use. This will dramatically help reduce the workload of both servers.

Contact Support
If you have any questions about this announcement then head over to the Contact us page to get in touch with a support agent that can help explain anything that is unclear.