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Trapper Keeper – Multi is fundamentally a scalping trading strategy. It places multiple trades of up to 10 different currency pairs. However, unlike most scalping strategies, Trapper Keeper – Multi will assess the momentum of the market and the volume being traded so as to ascertain its stop loss and take profit positions. Sometimes, this results in trades carrying over longer periods than the typical scalping techniques would usually last.

This strategy can suffer from significant drawdown if market momentum temporarily changes in the midst of multiple open trades. However, along with the risk of drawdown also comes the possibility of significant return.

With this product we are targeting returns of between say 5% and 7.5% per month.

This product does have the ability to generate returns of significantly more than our targeted return as you can see from last months performance, however followers would need to be accepting of the high volatility of this trading strategy.

As always, please note that past performance is no guarantee of future performance. FX markets are highly volatile, and investors must be aware that it is possible to lose part or even all their investment capital.

Please note: This product has a 5% withdrawal fee if you choose to withdraw your funds within the first 6 months. Please see the follower agreement for more details.


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